Friday, August 10, 2007

Cung To Chieu

Dalat is silent... not enough... Whoever wants to find a more quiet place with live music... there goes Cung To Chieu cafe. Not many cafes that ask you to turn your mobile to silent mode. Not many cafes do not allow you to talk loudly when coming. Respect the relaxing air... live with music... are points of the cafe.

Who loves Trinh Cong Son music? Who wants to sing by your heart? Come to Cung To Chieu where the shop owner spread her soul in each rhythm of the song... where your heart beats the same rhythm with orthers. Rhythm of old special music.

Address is unclear but Cung To Chieu is located in a hill oposite to Dinh III, around Le Hong Phong Street. Beverage starts from VND10,000. Come and enjoy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cafes along Hoa Binh hill

Hoa Binh is a well known square in center of Dalat City...

Hoa Binh hill is the popular name of Le Dai Hanh St. Along this hill located many coffee shops. Over 10 years ago, these cafes have different architecture and look not quite beautiful. In early of 1990s, they were all re-designed to have alike structure. This does not mean that all cafes here are the same... Each cafes contain its specific and cannot be compared.

Time to time, these cafes are one of the most popular features of Dalat... Every morning, there is nothing more interested than sitting in one of the cafes here and sip a cup of strong and hot coffee...

Be far away from Dalat, when go back here... this is also an excited place for you to learn about changes of the city, and compare how different are the Dalat girls from other and even their own differences in the past and in present...

Cafes Hoa Binh Hill
Le Dai Hanh St., Dalat...
Coffee starts from VND10,000
Recomended one: Artista - Nghe Si

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Panorama cafe

Look down on the street, bikes, walkers, cars herded to a crowded flock of ants. Looking around... a fully pictures of the city will catch your eyes. The winding Saigon river has never been seen clearly like that from Panorama. Along the banks, buildings, house, ads banners... all make a varied picture.

Panorama cafe located in the current highest building of Saigon.

Panorama Saigon - Saigon Trade Center
37 Ton Duc Thang St., Dist. 1, HCMC
coffee from USD2.4

Thursday, June 7, 2007

MGM Cafe

23h30 24/3 - MGM was still crownded of guests. @, DH, Dylan... scooters were parked over the pavement. MGM was luxury designed alike Las Vegas type.

In case you were wondering, the newest supercafé with a nightclub up top has no links to the Disney Corporation, but stands for “Maximum Greatest Music.” The music is loud, the décor is loud and the people posing in their designer sunglasses and sipping fluorescent drinks are loud. The prices and the furnishings are certainly “maximum” while “greatest” is a matter of opinion. But with tunes alternating between hip-hop, trance, R&B, pop and anything in between, at least one track will please your ears. I myself do not like to come hear... not my style... so noise... quite "show-up"... better to go to bar... However... it might be your choice...

MGM cafe

172 C Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Dist. 3

Coffee starts at VND29,000 with fruit juices at VND39,000.